Creative Pricing table design using Bootstrap

These days we see different websites popping up with membership websites, e-courses, digital goods, and various packages and programs. Those websites provide some offers on their website for new customers. Having a pricing table is an excellent way to outline the benefits of each upgraded plan that drives any visitors interested in any programs or packages to a payment or registration page. In this tutorial, we will show you an easy way to add a pricing table to your website. It will be mobile responsive as we are using the bootstrap framework to design it.

For this tutorial, we are going to use the Bootstrap framework to design the project. You need to download the bootstrap from the official website. After extracting the downloaded file, we will copy the bootstrap CSS file from there and add that to our project. In this tutorial, I used the CDN version of bootstrap and linked the file below for your convenience.

Let us start the HTML markup by creating a div element with the class name 'pricing-area.' Then, we place a Bootstrap container div element, which will contain the pricing table's details. Inside the row bootstrap element, we will provide three divs with bootstrap responsive column classes. In addition to that, I will take another div element with the name 'single-price' class. After that, I have taken two div with named 'deal-top' and 'deal-bottom' in the 'single-price' div.  ''deal-top' div element will contain the deal name and price. The other div element will provide the information about what are facilities that customer with the price range mentioned above. I have also added a signup button at the bottom so that if anyone decided to take the deal, they could do it by pressing that button, and that will take them to the signup page.

In the CSS file, first, we will give the body tag a background color. Then i  have given the single-price div element some basic styling like text-align, background, margin, and transition. I also added a box-shadow effect to give it a sleek look. Sequentially I have styled the other HTML tags used in top and bottom deal div. to differentiate the deal-top div from deal-bottom we have created an angled border effect to deal-top div. When we hover over each pricing table, the background color of the deal-top and button of deal-bottom div with changed to pink color. For getting the border effect, we first gave the deal-top div and relative position value. Then we provided 'after' pseudo-class of that div an absolute position value and gave the necessary border values to get the angled effect.

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We then styled all the tags taken in the deal-bottom class one by one. With hover effect animation, the default bluish background color of the deal-top div will change to the pinkish background. For that, we gave the deal-top div class a #e50077 background color for the hovering stage. We also have to change the deal-top pseudo-element a border-top color. Otherwise, the background color of the angled portion of the deal-top class will not switch on hover. Likewise, we will change the button background color for the hovering stage as well.

To create this snippet, you need to create an HTML and CSS file. Then you need to add the CSS file to your project along with bootstrap CSS. Next, please copy the code below and paste them in the files and paste them. Save the file and run the snippet in the browser. 




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