Menu Hover with CSS Animation

Menu Hover with CSS Animation

Hello Friends, Welcome back. Today we will learn how to create a simple menu hover using CSS animation. We will use some basic CSS styling with CSS transition. The menu is an indispensable part of any website, and it helps visitors navigate the site by clicking the menu's nav items.

We will use plain HTML and CSS to design this project. In the HTML part, we will take a div element with a class name "menu-area." Then we put five nav elements inside an unordered list. Now we will create it like when someone hovers over the menu's nav items, a "third bracket" like border animation will happen.

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In the CSS part, we will use Poppins as the principal font, and you can use whatever fonts you want. First, we will discard the default padding and margin of the document by a margin and padding of 0 to the body element. Then I set the pink background color to the body and set the height to 100vh. I used the absolute position and the "transform" property to center the menu. I used before and after pseudo-elements to design the menu and used CSS animation to get the required effect.

Menu Hover with CSS Animation (Source Code):

For the production of this snippet, we have to produce two different files. The Initial one is the HTML File, and the other one is the CSS file. You need to copy the HTML And CSS code given below and paste them to the appropriate files and save them. After that, run the project in your browser and modify according to your need.



That's the end of this tutorial. I hope it helps. Please follow this blog on our Twitter and Facebook Group to stay updated for the future posts.

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