Dark Neumorphism Login Form Design


Dark Neumorphism Login Form Design

Hello Friends, Today, I will share a snippet based on creating a dark neumorphism login form using HTML, CSS, and javascript. Here in this login form design, a floating label animation will occur when we click on the input area. On top of it, We will see the show and hide animation of password and simple form validation for which we used javascript.

Neumorphism has become a trend in web design nowadays. Lots of web designers using this trend in their website design. In this project, we have used this trend to create the login form. I have used Simple HTML markup and simple CSS styling to create this dark neumorphism effect around the login form. Besides, we have used CSS animation of the floating label for the input element when they are on focus. When we click on the input element to put, the data placeholder will move to 15px on top of the input area. Instead of explaining any further, I am providing you the source code below to play with code by yourself.

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To make this snippet your own, you have to create three files. These files are HTML, CSS, and a js file. Copy the codes and paste them to your files where necessary and save. Run the project in your browser and make changes according to your need.





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