How to make CSS Zigzag borders


How to make CSS Zigzag borders

Hello Friends, today, we are creating a snippet based on How to make a Zigzag border using HTML and CSS. Here we will make a CSS zigzag vertical edge for the banner image. We often see websites using curved or different shaped frames to make their website look aesthetic and slightly different from the traditional website. Zigzag borders are often used for the banner image or the other sections like services, portfolios, blogs, etc.

Here in this project of How to make the Zigzag border, we are using plain HTML and CSS. You can see the demo video below for having some idea about how the project will like at the end.

I hope you have watched the video demo of the project. I have taken div named 'banner' in the HTML part and added two more classes, 'section-padding' and 'border.' Inside the 'banner' div, I have another div named 'banner-text' and placed a random text as a banner text. After the banner part, I have taken another div called 'content' and provided a random content header and some text.

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First, in the CSS part, I have taken margin padding o zero for the body element to eliminate the document's default margin and padding. I have taken Poppins as the primary fonts, but you can take any google fonts you want. After proving a custom padding for the banner part, I have given the 'banner' class a background image and a height of 400px. I have also provided 'background-attached: fixed' for making a simple-looking parallax while we will scroll down the page. Then I have given the border a relative position value. Using the 'border' class's pseudo-element, we have created the banner image's zigzag edge. Without further explanation, I am providing you the code for you to look at. 

CSS Zigzag border (Source Code):

to create the snippet, you have to make an HTML and CSS file. Please copy the code below and paste it into the appropriate file and save it.



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