How to Create Resizable Header on Scroll using HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Hello Friends, In this article, we will create another simple snippet based on how to develop a Resizable header on scroll using HTML CSS and javascript. We often see shrinking navigation animation on some websites when we scroll down the page. This kind of animation makes the website looks even better than the traditional static websites. Here, we will use HTML CSS and a simple javascript code to make this kind of effect. For those who are learning javascript, this snippet could become handy. I have used HTML to create a logo name and a simple nav and later used CSS to set the HTML structure style. After that, I used javascript to manipulate individual CSS styles like padding, font-size, etc., while the user will scroll down the page.  I have shared lots of HTML, CSS, javascript-based before in this blog. Make sure to check those as well. Without further explanation, I am providing the code so that you can have a look.

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