How to Create a Scroll Indicator using HTML CSS & JS


Hello & Welcome to the Codingflicks website. Today I am sharing another HTML CSS & javascript based code snippet with you. in this project, I have tried to make a simple scroll indicator that appears while scrolling down the website's page. I applied some simple HTML CSS and later implemented small javascript code to get the result, as shown in the video demo below. I have taken one div named 'box' and id 'scrollDiv' in the HTML part. I will use this div to make the scroll bar appear to scroll down the page. After that, I took another div named 'content' where I placed some random 'lorem ipsum' text. After some necessary styling in CSS, I gave the 'box' div a fixed position and set the width to 0% for the initial stage. Later in the javascript, I implemented code so that when someone scrolls down the window in the y-direction, the percentage of the width of the 'box' div will increase. I have shared a lot of HTML, CSS, and javascript based snippet before in this blog. Make sure to check those as well. Without explaining more, I am providing the link to the code below to download it and look at how its works.

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