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spinning letter css animation

Hello Friends, I am sharing a simple CSS animation example snippet based on Spinning Letter Animation using HTML CSS. I have tried to show here is when we will hover over a particular word, each letter of the name will spin or rotate at a 360-degree angle. For those who are practicing CSS animation, this snippet may become very useful. At first, I have taken an unordered list, and inside that, I took a couple of li elements taking each letter of a particular word. Later I applied some basic CSS styles to make the li element align towards the left and position in the center of the viewport. After that, I used the CSS transform property for the hover state so that when we will hover on the word, each letter rotates towards Y-direction. I have shared lots of CSS animation based projects in this before. Make sure to check those as well. Without further explanation, I have provided the code link below of the article.

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