Creative Loader Animation using HTML and CSS


Hello and Welcome back. Today, I share a CSS animation snippet based on creating a simple CSS loader using HTML and CSS. Website loader, also known as preloaders or loaders, is a kind of animated screen or an element we see before the website's actual content is still loading. Some websites use it, and some do not, but it is an integral part of a website. Some websites are cumbersome to load as they have many high-resolution images and content on their website. Now when users visit those web pages and keep waiting for the content to load, it becomes frustrating. Now what loaders or preloaders do is that it keeps the user busy for a while before seeing the actual elements of the web page. I have shared many CSS animation projects with source codes before. Please make sure to visit those as well. Without further explanation, I am providing the code below so that you can have a look.

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