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Hello, how are you all? I hope you are well. Today I have brought for you a beautiful animation of CSS. It is a background animation that we can use to increase a web page's interactivity. Those who love CSS animations will hopefully like this animation. Here I am sharing a snippet with CSS background animations. The snippet was made by using CSS keyframes animations. First, I gave the container div a particular width and height of 100% and gave it an absolute position value. Later gave it a nice-looking gradient background color. If you want, you can use plain color over here. But I thought a gradient background color would nicer than a primary color. Many boxes have been taken inside a wrapper div. After that, the boxes have been spread in different places with the help of Position Absolute value. The boxes were then animated at a 360-degree angle and translated with 90px in Y-direction using a CSS keyframes animation. I have shared many CSS animation-based projects before. Please make sure to check those as well. Without further explanation, I am providing the code link below so that you can have it too.

I hope you like this exciting yet straightforward CSS animation example project. Please share the articles in this blog and follow us in our social media profiles to stay connected with this blog. Thanks for visiting, and keep coming to get interesting snippets and their source codes.

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