How to Create Responsive Image Grid with CSS Flexbox


flexbox responsive image grid

Hello Friends, Today, we will learn How to Create a Responsive Image Grid with CSS Flexbox in this blog. We will use the CSS flexbox box layout module to organize the images in a responsive grid system. We have taken six photos with equal dimensions. You can add more pictures, and the code will remain the same for all of them, and they will act as responsive for all small devices.

We usually use an image gallery in our blog posts or a single blog post on our website. You can easily use this snippet as a thumbnail gallery for your website. Also, you can add lightbox, magnific popup, or other jquery plugins to make the snippet an inline grid photo gallery.

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In the HTML part, I have taken a div named 'wrapper,' and inside that div, I have taken six more div called 'item.' in each of those 'item' div, I have placed an individual image overlay text. Later, I applied the CSS flexbox grid system and some basic CSS styles to finish the complete projects. I have shared many CSS-based snippets before in my blog. Make sure to check those if you haven't already. Without further explanation, I am providing the code below so that you can have a look at yourself.

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