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Hello friends, Today in this blog, we will learn how we can create a simple clock using a jquery plugin called radialIndicator.js. I have shared many HTML, CSS javascript-related code snippets before in my blog. Would you mind checking those snippets by clicking the load more button below the homepage?

Now the implementation is straightforward. We have to take div with an id of circle-clock. after that, I have adjusted the div and brought the div in the center of the viewport by using absolute position, top-left value, and CSS transform property. After that, I have downloaded the plugin FROM HERE. We have to extract the zip file. I have taken the 'radialIndicator.min.js' and 'angular.radialIndicator.js' files from there, added them to the HTML file. I have added the latest jQuery file as well. Later I have initiated the plugin with the code provided on their website. I have also changed the values there like 'bar width,' 'bar color,' and so on for looks I wanted. You can change these values according to your need. Download the Source Code by clicking the button below and modify it according to your needs.

I hope you liked this small snippet. Thanks for visiting this blog. 

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