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Hello Visitors, in this blog, we will learn how to create a basic calculator using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We have various code snippets available on CSS animation examples, javascript, HTML CSS in this blog. Click the load more button on the homepage and check out the projects. Check out the below video demo of the project.

I hope you have watched the video demo of the snippet. This calculator we are going to make will be able to perform simple math operations like addition, multiplication, and division. The interface will be like a calculator and if you want you can redesign it and make it more interactive.

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To create this Project, First, you need to create two files, one an HTML file and the other a CSS file. There will be inline javascript values so, you don't need to create a separate js file. After creating these files, download and paste the following codes into your file and save them.

I hope you have successfully created this working calculator using HTML CSS and js. If you like the snippet, consider following us on our social media profile and staying connected to this blog. Thank you very much for visiting the blog.

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