JavaScript Accordion Design


JavaScript Accordion Design

Accordion is the simple and easy-to-use web that hides and shows text content within a single web page. An accordion has several tabs, each representing a section, and when clicked, that section expands to reveal the hidden content within it. A lot of information can be displayed in a small space with this design element. There is a video demo underneath to give you an idea of what the snippet will look like. On our website, there are over 150 code snippets about CSS animation examples, Website Design, Javascript, Full Website Design, and many more.

Video Demo:

An accordion can be created with just HTML and CSS but we've added some JavaScript here to make it look a bit more dynamic.

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JavaScript Accordion Design [ Source Code ]:

We have created an HTML and CSS file. Then I added the javascript code below the HTML file. Copy the code from the code box below and paste your file. Save the code and test it in your browser. If the code doesn't work then download the code from the below button.



Hope the code is working properly. If you like the content of our website then share it with others. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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