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simple css loader spinner

The animations we see before loading the page content of a website are called website loader animations. Loader animations are especially helpful in situations where a webpage may take a few moments to load due to large files or videos. Today we will design a simple loader spinner with only HTML and CSS. Below is the video tutorial to make this loader spinner.

Video Tutorial:

Hope you have watched the CSS Loading Animation video tutorial above. Loader animation is an important part of the website design process because it improves the overall user experience. A user can understand that the page is not broken or unresponsive through the loader animation. Due to the content of the website, sometimes the website takes time to load. Users are more likely to tolerate waiting if they have an attractive and engaging visual indication that progress is being made. A visually appealing loader animation can reduce the frustration of website loading times and make waiting times more tolerable. A loading spinner, we designed here is also a loader of many kinds of loaders we use in the web design process. This loading spinner is basically a circular type and this animated graphic keeps spinning while the webpage is loading.

Our snippet contains a container called 'loader' inside a container called 'wrapper'. At the beginning of the CSS, we removed the project's default margins and padding. We then used the CSS flexbox property to bring the container div to the center of the viewport. Next, we set the width, height, border, border-radius, and animation of the .loader class loader. Here the @keyframes animate rule defines the animation of the loader. This means the spinner rotates 360 degrees from its starting position.

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How to Make Simple CSS Loader Spinner [ Source Code ]:

To create a simple CSS loader spinner snippet, create the HTML CSS files and paste the following code into it. If there is a problem, download the code from the download button.



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