Materialize Responsive Cards with Image


Materialize Responsive Cards with Image

The cards used on the website are modular containers that include different content and activities based on a topic. These cards or CSS cards are usually rectangular. These cards contain various web elements such as images, text, buttons, and other interactive elements. Cards play an important role in organizing webpage content in one place concisely and attractively. Today in this Responsive Web Design blog post we will create Responsive Cards using Materialize CSS. The video tutorial below shows how to create cards or CSS cards. Watch the video and subscribe to our channel if you like it.

Video Tutorial:

Hope you have watched the Materialize CSS video tutorial above. Cards or CSS cards can be presented in different ways on different websites. For example, product listings on e-commerce websites, user profiles on social media websites, news articles on media websites, etc Website cards are essentially snapshots of a piece of content These cards serve as entry points for detailed information on any topic. When a user is convinced by seeing the card's brief description, image, etc., they click on the Learn More or Load More button. So it is very important to present the cards clearly and concisely to the users.

Today's responsive web design snippet is made with Materialize CSS. Materialize CSS is a popular front-end framework. It is a framework based on Google's Material Design principles. With the reusable UI elements of this framework, various functional web interfaces can be built very quickly and easily. Its ready-to-use elements like buttons, cards, forms, and navigation bars help create functional websites quickly. Materialize CSS Framework has a responsive grid system which we used in this snippet. This responsive web design framework includes JavaScript elements such as modals, carousels, tabs, etc.

We used the pre-built Card UI component of Materialize CSS to create our card or CSS Card. Each card consists of an image, a header text that serves as the name of the card's content, some dummy text that briefly describes the content and a call-to-action button. Materialize CSS Responsive Grid System is used to make the cards look good on small devices. You can watch the video tutorial above for details.

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Materialize Responsive Cards with Image [ Source Code ]:

To create this responsive web design snippet with Materialize CSS, we need to include the Materialize CSS's CDN in the HTML file. Then paste the following code box into your HTML and CSS files. If the code is not working properly, then download the code from the download button below this blog post.



Cards act as a versatile container to ensure good user experience and visual clarity in modern web design. Cards are a beautiful web element for product showcases, portfolio displays, summarizing articles, and blog posts. We Hope you have collected today's responsive web design snippet. Click the Load More button on the homepage to get more codes. Thanks for visiting our website.

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