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Navbar is a significant element of any webpage. Visitors explore the content of the website via this element of the website. So a well-designed menu or navigation bar is an essential job for any developer. This blog will demonstrate some of the superb examples of navbars made with HTML CSS, bootstrap framework, and CSS Flexbox.

1.  Responsive Flex Nav with Scroll Spy

Responsive Flex Nav with Scroll Spy

This example is made with HTML and CSS Flexbox. For the scroll spy effect, the author used javascript as well. For the active anchor tag, we will see a nice-looking angled effect, and as we scroll down the webpage, the nav anchor tag color will switch according to the section the user is in. This is called the scroll spy effect. The demo and code link are below.


2. Menu Perspective

menu perspective

This example shows a CSS perspective effect when we hover over the left side panel. The menu items remain hidden initially, but they will appear from the left as long as we hover. The author used simple HTML CSS for this snippet. Check out the project by clicking the link below.


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3. Flexbox Navigation Bar

flexbox navigation bar

This example is made with CSS Flexbox. The author used media queries to make the navigation menu looks responsive for small devices. With minimal HTML and CSS code, you can integrate this navbar into your webpage. The code link is below.


4. Trapezoid Sticky Top Navbar

Trapezoid Sticky Top Navbar

In this menu, we will see a Trapezoid shape menu, and when we hover over each menu, an item-related sub-menu will appear from the top. The sub-menu will be horizontal in this case. The author used HTML, CSS, and javascript to do this project. The code link for this snippet is below.


5. Navigation Bar Design

navigation bar design

This is a simple example of a navbar that is made with HTML CSS and a little bit of javascript. A nice-looking CSS gradient animation also makes this ordinary navbar looks awesome. The demo and code link is below.


6. Bootstrap Dropdown Hover Menu

Bootstrap Dropdown Hover Menu

Normally we see the click function in Bootstrap menus. The author of this snippet implements some javascript code in this project to get a smooth animation on hover, and the dropdown menu will appear without clicking. The code and demo link is below.


7. Responsive Dropdown Navigation Bar

Responsive Dropdown Navigation Bar

The snippet here is a classic example of a navbar with dropdown navigation. It is also mobile responsive, so you can easily implement this on your website. The code link and demo link are below.


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