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how to use rellax js

Hello Friends, we will learn how to use the parallax jquery plugin called rallax js in this blog. I have shown the basic implementation of the jquery plugins. You can go through the plugin website and see the advanced options of the plugin. I have Shared many HTML, CSS, and javascript-based snippets before in this blog. Please make sure to check all of those as well.

First of all, you have to download the plugin from the plugin website. If you search on google by the name 'rellax js,' the very first search result that comes is our required website. After the zip file extraction, you have to obtain the 'rellax.min.js' file and integrate it into your work file. Apart from it, you have to add the latest jquery file as well. There are different setting options available for the plugin to work. You can apply them one by one to see how it works.

You may like this:

I hope you have already observed the demo video of this snippet. In the HTML part, I have taken five divs to create the rectangular shapes. After that, I have spread out these rectangle box shapes using CSS absolute position property. After that, I have taken another eight div that contain different letters and spread them out with the same CSS trick. I have added a class name 'rellax' and a unique 'data-relax-speed' value for each div. Finally, I add the plugin initiator code at the bottom to make the plugin work. Without explaining further, I am providing the code link below to play around with the code by yourself.

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