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Hello and Welcome to the blog. Today I will share another CSS animation example snippet with you. In this blog, I have shared a project based on creating a pure CSS gradient background animation using only HTML and CSS. I have shared many CSS and javascript-based source codes before in this blog. Make sure to check those apart from this article.

At first, I have taken a div named 'wrapper' and placed another div called 'box' inside it with some random text. In the CSS part, I have positioned the 'wrapper' div in the center of the viewport with the display grid property. Later I have styled the 'wrapper' and 'box' div. after that, I have given a linear-gradient gradient background to 'box' with the help of CSS pseudo-element and set an animation for the ': before' pseudo-element. Finally, I have used CSS keyframes animations to get our required gradient background animation. Without further explanation, I have provided the source code of this snippet below for your convenience.


I hope you liked the source code for this project. If so, please share the articles of this blog and follow us. Thank you for vising this blog

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