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css dropdown menu hover

Hello Friends, Today, I am going to share another CSS animation example-based dropdown navigation menu. The dropdown navbar is one of the most familiar elements of a webpage. To extend the site navigation experience developer includes dropdown menu in their website. If the website has got lots of pages, then the dropdown menu makes the site easy to navigate around. I have shared many CSS-based snippets before in this blog. Make sure to check those as well apart from this blog.

In the HTML part, I have taken a div element named 'nav,' and inside that div, I have taken a ul element with some li. Under the services item, I have taken another ul element with 'dropdown' and will act as the dropdown.

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I have used basic CSS styling and CSS keyframes animations in the CSS part to create the animation while we hover over the menu item. All the CSS styling is self-explanatory. Without further explanation, I am providing the source code below for your convenience.


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