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Hello friends, in this blog, we will learn how to create a fixed footer using HTML CSS. in this snippet, the footer will be visible at the Bottom. The snippet's content is short according to viewport height, but if the content size increases, the page will push the footer lower. The HTML part is very simple and basic. We have defined the three basic elements like a header, content, and footer elements. In order to handle the sticky footer, I have given the body element a relative position value. I haven't used position: fixed property for this snippet. To center the content of the footer, I used absolute position values and set the Bottom, left, and right values to zero. Without further explanation, I am providing the source code below to modify it by yourself.

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Fixed Footer at Bottom [ Source Code ]:

For creating the project, first, take an HTML file with a .html extension and a CSS file with a .css extension. It is essential to link the cs file in the HTML file; otherwise, all the HTML elements will not get the style required. Then copy the code below from the code box, paste it into the corresponding file, and save it.



That's all. You have successfully created a Fixed Footer at the Bottom. for more snippets, please follow us on our social media profiles and stay connected with the blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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