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Hello friends. Today in this blog, we will share a snippet with text glitch animation. We've shared many snippets before this. If you are interested in CSS animation examples, snippets related to javascript then take a look at those projects. In the video demo below, you can see how the snippet works.

CSS is very important for web design. Web design is virtually useless without CSS. We style different elements of HTML with CSS. With CSS we can create many beautiful animations. One of them is to animate the text. Now a text element can be animated in many ways. In this project, we have shown how to give the text a glitch animation.

In this snippet, we took a div and named it 'wrapper'. I took another div inside and took a random text in it. I have taken the same text as data-text. In the CSS part, we first give the body element a background image with opacity. Then I used the CSS flexbox property to bring the contents of the wrapper to the viewport. Then I set an animation property for the text element.

Then I set a separate animation property for the pseudo-element of the text element. Then I completed the text glitch animation using CSS transforms and cis clip property in CSS keyframes animation.

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Pure CSS Text Glitch Effect [ Source Code ]:

First, create one HTML file with a .html extension and then create a CSS file with a .css extension. connect the external CSS file with HTML. Please copy the code below and paste it into your project and save it.



I hope you have successfully implemented the code into your files. We regularly share source code on CSS animation examples, HTML CSS, and javascript. If you would like to receive notifications, please follow us on our social media profiles. Also please share the articles of this blog and help us to grow. Thank you for visiting the blog. 

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