CSS Gradient Border Animation


CSS gradient border animation

CSS Gradient Border Animation Animation is a type of visually appealing effect that is used in various elements of the website such as buttons, cards, etc. Animating the border of an element using CSS gradients can not only look good but also increase user engagement. Today we will share with you a snippet about gradient border animation. The video tutorial below shows the step-by-step process of making it. Hope you will watch the video tutorial. And we hope you will stay with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Video Tutorial:

The gradient border CSS concept provides an eye-catching design when hovering over an element. This gradient border animation looks good on web applications or websites that are usually of dark-themed type. It is now common to see gradients used to animate the borders of HTML elements. There are many famous websites that use CSS gradient border animation. Some of them are Google, Twitter, Dribble, Behance, Codepen, etc.

A website that has interactive buttons can use gradient border animation on hover or click events. This will undoubtedly boost the website's user engagement. It plays an important role in drawing the attention of users and increasing conversions. Apart from button elements, this gradient border animation can also be used in Dividers, Separators, Loading Indicators, or Service boxes.

The use of CSS gradient border animation has various advantages. Improved Visual Appeal, Engagement, Interactivity, Attention, and Focus are a few of them. Using CSS Gradient Properties, CSS Transitions, and Keyframes we can create dynamic gradient border effects without the need for JavaScript. This example of a CSS animation is cross-browser compatible, meaning it works with most current browsers.

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CSS Gradient Border Animation [ Source Code ]:

To create this CSS Gradient Border Animation snippet first create an HTML file. Then create a CSS file and link it with the HTML file you just created. Copy and paste the code from the code box below. After saving, open it in your browser. If for some reason it is not working then copy the entire code from the download button below.



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