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Hello and welcome to today's blog post. Portfolio websites are a great way to share your work and let others know about your personal information. You should always have a portfolio website. Whether you need one for yourself or to showcase your work, having a portfolio website will help you to be more visible. We are going to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a personal portfolio website template for our own personal projects. We have got many snippets available on our website. Please click the Load More button below our homepage to visit those. Before you get the source code of this project, please watch the video demo below.

I hope you have watched the video demo. It's important to have a portfolio website for some who is a creative person. A portfolio website is needed to show off your work. Regardless of whether you're an individual, a large company of seven people, or a small team of two, it's critical that you have a unique presence online. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to build a personal portfolio website template.


In this portfolio website template, we have four different sections. They are the banner section, work section, services section, and testimonial section. This responsive website design also has a header and footer section. The footer is used both as a contact and footer section. All the elements in the section are beautifully aligned and they also have nice hover effects. We have used CSS media queries to make this template responsive. We have made the header sticky, which means when we scroll down the website the header will stick to the top of the website. The website also includes a scroll top button that takes the user to the top of the page smoothly.

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Personal Portfolio Website Template Design [ Source Code ]:

First, create the necessary files like HTML, CSS, and js files and link them properly. Then copy the code from the below code boxes and paste them into your project. Save it and test it in your browser. Add your own text and pictures to this template. Edit it to your liking.



We hope that the code is working for you. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. If you like our website's content, then please share it with your friends. Please cooperate with us. We are not able to proceed without your cooperation. Thanks for your time and interest in the information on our site.

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