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The date picker is a kind of input field that focuses on input that opens an interactive calendar. When the calendar spreads, we choose a particular date. To close the calendar, we have to click elsewhere or the ESC key. This article has shown some examples of lovely date picker calendars that can grab your attention. Developers have used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make these UI examples. I Have shared many CSS animation-based snippets before in my blog. Please make sure to check those as well. So without any further delay, let see some examples of the CSS date picker.

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1. Flat Design Datepicker

The designer used appropriate scheduling for the user to choose a date. Navigation has also been included so that the user can switch from one month or year to another. The year navigation is on top and the month navigation is right underneath the year. It was made so because a user can choose the year first, and they choose the month followed by a particular date.

flat design datepicker


2. DatePicker Calendar Examples ( with React )

datepicker react

This is the same example as above. The year and related month are included in the same box. If you make a schedule for any enrollment or booking, then this date picker example will suit that. In this example, we see that when we click the input field of 'select date,' the calendar pops up at the bottom, and we can select the required date from it. Navigation is also included so that we can switch from one month to another month. This is a demo example of how a date picker should look like. For this reason, the developer didn't focus on making it responsive, but you make it responsive by media queries.

3. Vuetify Date Time Component 

Vuetify Date Time Component

The following is another example of a date picker that is much more interactive than the others. This is a typical schedule design found on the homepage of many portable clients. The designer took the idea from there and designed this date picker UI. an interactive clock UI has also been included so that the user can choose a particular time with the date they have chosen. The timing and date you choose to place into the vacant input field.

4. Air-datepicker Example


In this date picker example, we can see an input field with select range placeholder text in it. The vacant place in the input field is given to choose the date that will pop up when we will click on the input area. This is the most commonly used format of datepicker. The designer applied proper shading to make the UI looks interactive. The minimalistic style of this example will surely grab your attention. The designer used pure HTML, CSS, and plain js to do this project.

5. PURE CSS Date Picker

css datepicker

The following is a simple date picker made by using only HTML and CSS. You can tap on the input field, which will present the calendar from which you will choose according to your need. The code used here is straightforward, and you can easily modify it according to your project.

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